Starts July 1st!

Get the tools, techniques and TRIBE to transform your life.

SEXY = Self confident, Energetic, eXtraordinary You!

In 60 days you can improve your daily habits so that you can FEEL your best inside and out! You will get the coaching, tools, and community to help you well beyond your time in the program. This is a LIFE CHANGER.

You need to do this if you say YES to any of the following:

Daily never ending stress

No energy

No focus

Little willpower or motivation

Clothes getting tighter

Feeling lonely

Negative self talk

Loss of identity

Truly want to make a change


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How the 60 Days Work

SEXY Summer is based on making small changes everyday in a fun and safe environment. Consistency is the key to lasting results. The first week may feel like a lot of change, but we are there to guide you and get you through it. Around day 9 or 10 you will feel ALIVE with energy. From this point you do the daily activities that will support your new healthy "SEXY" habits. You will start to FEEL amazing while your brain adapts to your upgraded habits. You will enjoy the process and in the end feel a tremendous amount of pride in what YOU did for yourself.

The Tools

The Saturday before the launch of Sexy Summer you will receive your course materials. Among the many tools you will get your exercise instruction (beginner, intermediate and advanced), recipes, shopping list tool, meal planning tool, daily journal, and WEEK ONE GUIDE. Everything is step by step, simple to accomplish within your busy schedule. This is designed for you to define your goals and CRUSH your results.

The Tips

Margaux uses her tools to teach you the basics of changing your life and creating new healthier habits. You will actually enjoy the process. Additionally you are given her tips that she has learned over the years to give you exactly what you need to reach your goals. You will learn to set meaningful goals, value & love yourself, practice creating peace within yourself, learn the value of surrounding yourself with people that move you forward, and how to put your body in a state of fat burning and lean muscle building.

The Tribe

Sexy Summer is designed to utilize the tight community that Margaux has cultivated to help you stay accountable. A private online group is there to support you when you stumble and celebrate your victories, big and small! You will LOVE your tribe when you are done and you are invited to remain a member of the group forever so that you can learn from and also support future groups of new people starting Sexy Summer, paying it forward. Learn to teach and teach to learn. Being accountable and holding yourself to a higher standard LOCKS in your results.

About Margaux Drake

Margaux is an entrepreneur and busy Mom who has raised three HEALTHY & HAPPY kids while building her own businesses and staying fit. Her passion is rooted in equipping, specifically women with the knowledge, tools and motivation to create a fulfilling life by "taking control of your life and finances". She was the Healthy Lifestyle Expert for the ABC & NBC affiliates in West Michigan where she appeared daily for 7 years. She was the Healthy Lifestyle Expert for a National News Publication. She has been seen in STRONG fitness magazine multiple times. She has been an endurance athlete for 30 years including many marathons, ultra-marathons and 3 FULL DISTANCE Ironman races. She is married to Steve Drake and TOGETHER they are building their healthy lifestyle business from Michigan and California.

Shoot for the stars

Your goals are the most important thing for 60 days. The world can wait while you are launching the NEW you!


Expert Coaching

Margaux was exactly where you are. She is a busy mom who fights everyday to balance taking care of others while taking care of herself. She wants the whole package- VIBRANT HEALTH, ABUNDANT WEALTH, FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS & CONTRIBUTION. You can have it all too!


Innovative Ideas

You will find that some of the techniques are novel. Helping someone realize WHY they want to change their life is important and thinking outside of the the box is helpful.

Proven Methods

Margaux has been teaching these techniques for almost 10 years through several courses she has designed and has helped thousands of people. If you do the work the results will make you so PROUD of yourself and you will be able to show up 100% FULED to give your gifts to the world.

What others are saying...

“It's about creating positive habits that will over time make you an evolving, better than yesterday, version of yourself.” Chris S., Florida

“Sexy is...New Adventures!” Nancy M., California

"Love, Love, Love all that you do for us!" Lauren F., Michigan

When your Body, your Heart, and your Mind are in alignment, your Energy will Soar!

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