mTip: Saving Money on School Supplies, as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Saving Money on School Supplies, as Easy as 1, 2, 3
(We cut our spending by almost 70%!)

1. Shop at home first: We found most of what was listed on our three school supply lists by using what we already owned. All we had to do was clean out our desk drawers, organize and sharpen a few pencils. We discovered unopened packs of paper, loads of pens, tons of binders and multiple sets of markers as well as colored pencils.

2. Hit the dollar store (even if you are normally not a fan): A perfect place to buy things like locker organizational items and the obligatory boxes of classroom Kleenex.
3. Think outside the box when finally visiting the office supply store! By the time we arrived at Office Max, all we needed were dividers and spiral notebooks. Instead of buying conventional dividers we used the mountains of sheet protectors that we already had at home and then purchased Avery “Note Tabs” to turn them into customizable, heavy-duty dividers for a FRACTION of the cost. And, we have a fun DIY project planned for the eco-friendly spiral note books using supplies that we already had on hand . Stay tuned for that!

We cut our spending from a usual bill of
 $300 to $80*
for all three kids.
*This also includes 5 packs of crayons for charity!

Well done Drake kids!!!