You Know Gardening Season Has Kicked Into High Gear When…

10. I haven’t posted a blog in over a month even though I have SO MUCH to share!!!
09. There’s no TP in our house due to there being no time to shop. Not a square to spare!
08. My hands and nails are perpetually filthy, despite the gloves.
07. Our refrigerator is filled with take-out boxes. Yes, I’m aware this is counter intuitive to planting edibles.
06. My nose and ears are filled with dirt. Neti pot and Q-Tips to the rescue!
05. Gardening clothes morph into everyday clothes. I’ve attended more than a few of my children’s school events with my Felcos strapped to my side (while standing at a distance from others)!
04. Not “that” dirty overalls go right back on the next day.
03. Good-bye city boots, HELLO Hunter Boots!
02. Bills and emails are piled up a mile high. Ugh and a general “I’m sorry” to all.
01. When I do finally get to a store, seeds fling out of my wallet all over the checkout as I go to pay and I ABSOLUTELY hold up the line to pick up each and every one!

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  1. The Shade Shop, Inc.

    July 2, 2011

    Please post some pictures of your lovely garden! I would love to see what you have added!