Thanks for checking out these ROCKSTARS! I’m SO PROUD of each one of them for their ATTITUDE, BELIEF and COMMITMENT to themselves. “FUEL” is a virtual community or TRIBE that my husband, Steve, and I founded with a core group of our team. We’re HEALTHY, HAPPY people who use Isagenix as the FOUNDATION of our nutritional strategy. In this SAFE & SUPPORTIVE place called FUEL, we EDUCATE, INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and HELP new members to live a HEALTHY, HAPPY lifestyle too.

We know each one of these ROCKSTARS and have lived their stories REAL TIME with them in FUEL. The thing that gets me MOST EXCITED is that their physical transformations are only a POSITIVE side effect of the MASSIVE SHIFT in HEALTH and MINDSET that starts on the inside. ALL are available to YOU too, just let me know that you are READY. Look at them! That GLOW on the outside starts on the INSIDE…HECK YEAH!

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Team Member, Angela Korte:

From Tired Mama to HOT Mama

When I called Angela to share Isagenix with her in September of 2013, she was a tired Mama. She was not feeling her BEST and she told me her clothes were tight. Now, Angela looks like this (pink top!) and has ENERGY to keep up with her two kids’ busy schedules and workout consistently.

“I chose Isagenix because it is a simple effective approach to health and fitness and allowed me to achieve my goals without sacrificing my values. My tips: Stay the course and trust the process. The changes are happening, and you are creating healthy habits that will serve you for the rest of your life.”–Angela Korte

Angela has paid it forward by sharing Isagenix with her family, her Mother, four sisters and hundreds of other people as well. She was AWARDED a 2015 IsaBody Challenge Honorable Mention AND can currently be found on the pages of the 2016 Isagenix Look Book. We are so EXCITED for her and EXTREMELY PROUD of the POSITIVE CHANGES she has made DIYing her life.


unnamed (5)

Team Member, Susan McGowan

From Former Athlete to Current Rockstar

Susan McGowan was an athlete all of her life growing up. After college, she got married and started her career. She had three beautiful baby girls and focused completely on them. She also had three knee surgeries that she used as an excuse to no longer exercise. After over 15 years of being inactive, she started crossfit. She struggled, but knew once upon a time she could have done it. This is when she also started thinking about what she was putting in her mouth and started using Isagenix. After all, why work so hard if you are going to eat away all your progress. A year later, she’s still doing cross fit 5x a week and preparing for a competition in late September. The chocolate shakes, amped power and amped recover are staples she won’t live without!

Lindsay Sneller Isagenix- Margaux Drake

Team Member, Lindsay Sneller:

From Crashing in the Afternoon to CRUSHING it in the Gym

Lindsay Sneller is a busy Mom of two kids, wife and owns multiple businesses. She was so skeptical when I introduced her to Isagenix. In fact, I think I even remember an eye roll or two;) However, she’s a very different person today INSIDE & OUT all because she trusted me, has been consistent and has never given up. “Snellers don’t quit!” is a family motto. Lindsay is leading her family by example…

“I get comments often about my athleticism and how I do “killer workouts” all the time. I’m quick to let these people know that I didn’t begin HERE. I think we tend to forget that there is a beginning for everyone. Nobody really starts out being an expert. We never see the “behind the scenes” of what it took someone to get to where they are. I wasn’t an athlete growing up. I always admired people who were and wanted to be more athletic, I just never had the drive as a child to push myself to do it. I didn’t start really moving my body until after I had our first baby, Isabelle (11yrs old). This before photo is of my second race I ever did. It was an 8k, and it was LONG for me! It was hard and I had to train really hard for it. But, what is important about this picture is that I was running at this time simply to try and get my body to look a certain way, as a way to burn calories. I didn’t love to move my body for the sake of loving to move my body. It took me a very long time and a lot of work on myself to get to a point where I just loved movement, not because I was trying to burn calories, but because I loved the way it made my body FEEL to do it.

FUELING my body with Isagenix was a total GAME CHANGER for me. It brought my body, mind and athleticism to the next level. It added a much needed SIMPLICITY to my life. It gave me the ENERGY I needed to get through the day and CRUSH my workouts. So, if you are just beginning, or haven’t even begun yet, just know that we’ve all been beginners. That we ALL suck in the beginning, it’s messy and ugly, and that it takes time and effort to get to improve. Don’t compare yourself to others, only compare yourself to who you were yesterday and focus on improving just a little bit each day.”–Lindsay Sneller


Team Member, Danielle Beauregard:

From Losing Her Athleticism to Gaining it Back Plus So Much More

Danielle was a two sport collegiate athlete. Injuries and graduation from college changed things for her. The stress of beginning her career and always being the life of the party took it’s toll on her body, mind and spirit. She had no energy and her smile was fading. That is when her friend introduced her to Isagenix, our FUEL TRIBE and she and I had the opportunity to meet:)

“I needed to recapture my health. I started Isagenix and lost 17 pounds without incorporating a single workout! Now, I have released a total of 47 pounds and 12 pant sizes. I have maintained my weight while gaining lean muscle and am benefiting from better sleep as well as increased energy! Thank you Diana Balbaugh for letting me borrow your size SMALL SHIRT because my extra large is nowhere to be found. I’m pretty proud of myself!”
–Danielle Beauregard

And, we are SO PROUD of her too.

IMG_3891 (1)

Team Member, Amy Pottenger:

From Frustrated MAMA due to not losing her baby weight to FIT & FAB

Amy is a crazy-busy MAMA of two kids who owns two businesses and her husband owns his own business as well. She is a woman who wants it ALL: A HEALTHY VIBRANT body, ENERGY to keep up with her kiddos, a BEAUTIFUL home and THRIVING businesses. There was no time left in the day for her to work harder on her fitness so she said YES to working SMARTER…

“I just finished my first IsaBody Challenge and am beyond happy with how I look and feel and I’m not done yet!! I’m just an everyday busy working mama like anyone else. This goes out to all those mamas who say it’s impossible to lose the weight after babies, that you have no energy to exercise and it’s just too hard to be healthy. I want to encourage you mamas, don’t give up on your health. If I can do it, so can you!”–Amy Pottenger


SEXY in 60 TRIBE Member, Paula Jacobson-Mol

From Cardio Junkie to Lean and Toned Soul Sister

“In June 2016 I decided to join Margaux’s 60 day Challenge and have not regretted it one bit!  I needed a balanced regimen of weight training, cardio, and nutrition. I wanted to build muscle, burn fat, and get better muscle definition.  Margaux’s Challenge was exactly what I needed and it worked great!  I lost 10 lbs, 15 inches, and 4% bodyfat!!  The tools I obtained through the challenge were easy to implement in my daily routine/schedule.  I worked at my own pace, used most of the tools she suggested to obtain great results.  I’m looking forward to joining her next 60 day Holiday Challenge to help me fine tune what I started in the first challenge, use more of the tools she suggests and continue on a great regimen! -Paula Jacobson-Mol

Paula way to make time for yourself to bring your BODY and your CONFIDENCE to the next level! Way to show up for yourself so you can show up BIG in this world to continue your work and your mission. You look AH-MAZING, but even better than that you are GLOWING from within. So PROUD of you!!! xo


Team Member, Kolene Allen:

From Complacency to Plant-POWERED WOW!

I met Kolene at a Vegan Grand Rapids event in 2012 of which she is a co-founder with her partner, Jon Dunn (his ROCKSTAR testimonial to come next time!). Isagenix simplified her vegan lifestyle while offering her all of the VITAL nutrients she needed. Kolene also travels quite a bit and so the system slipped into her already healthy lifestyle to bring her SIMPLICITY and to a level of fitness she had never seen before. Consistency over time…YEAH!

“On June 13, 2014, my partner Jon asked me if I had seen a Facebook post made by Margaux of her friend Luke who was using her nutritional system and lost 30 pounds. I hadn’t and I didn’t care. I was fine with where I was, 172 lbs and running a 5k 3-4 times a week. Jon REALLY wanted to try her program so we scheduled a call with Margaux and got started on what we both thought would be a simple 30-day reboot…. And what a REBOOT it was! In the first 30 days, we both felt amazing, had increased energy, slept better, and lost a significant amount of weight.

It’s the two year anniversary of that phone call. The call that put us both on a new path in life. Recently, I bleached one of my favorite pair of shorts. A size 8 from Old Navy. I went to replace them. I tried on a 6 and I was swimming in them. So a size 4 won! I am awe. At 41 I wore my first bikini ever and didn’t feel self-conscious. It’s funny where life takes you – like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Remember those? It really just goes to show you that good nutrition is the key to being healthy and having a life worth living. It was the BEST decision I every made and I owe my life to Jon, Margaux, and Luke (and a huge list of others who kept us on track) who all inspired me to take charge of my life and invest in myself.”–Kolene Allen


Team Member, Jon Dunn:

From Overweight Foodie to Fit Foodie

The first time I talked with Jon about taking CONTROL of his HEALTH (because his girlfriend Kolene asked me to;) he got up and walked away from the table. I don’t give up and stories like this are WHY…

“I’ve struggled with my weight my entire adult life. Once I left the Army and no one told me I had to exercise, I sure as heck wasn’t going to do that anymore! And that’s really true, I really hate working out. Combine that with my love for all things food, and it’s not a recipe for success on the scale.

I had Margaux in my ear for a while about Isagenix, but I tuned it out believing it was just another fad diet – boy was I wrong! I finally decided to take the IsaPlunge and quickly lost 20 pounds, feeling the best I have in my entire life. I’ve gone in and out of maintenance mode, still living a life I enjoy, while dropping another 20 or so pounds. What I love most about the program is not just how well it works, but how flexible it is. When you commit to the program, it truly is.

Lesson learned; don’t tune out Margaux Drake and Isagenix!”–Jon Dunn

You’re welcome Jon;) MWAH!


Team Member, Christina Kiefer:

Two Sets of Twins, Two Kids with Special Needs. No Excuses. Period.

“For some people, living a Healthy, Strong lifestyle is a luxury. For me – It’s a NECESSITY! I am raising FOUR boys (2 sets of twins only 21 months apart). The youngest set of twins has Muscular Dystrophy therefore I am not only their Mom – I am their caretaker and their muscles as well! Currently at 45 pounds each they are not getting any lighter. They REQUIRE me to be strong and healthy, and for them…I WILL DO THAT! They encourage me when I workout and join me (via stroller/trailer) when I run and bike! Since I cannot stop this disease or change it’s progression I will do the BEST I can for them! I WILL provide encouragement, support, love AND the BEST Nutritional Dense food as possible! Strawberry shakes and IsaLean bars are their favorite! Isagenix has provided Health and Wellness for me and my boys! The products have helped me drop the weight and improve my energy and performance!”–Christina Balbaugh Kiefer

Some people make excuses and some people DIG IN and get to WORK. Christina, is an absolute ROCKSTAR in every sense of the word. A daily INSPIRATION. You. GO. GIRL!

Jeanine Luciani

Team Member, Jeanine Luciani:

From Burned Out Fitness Competitor to KNOCK OUT Bikini Champion

“Being a wife and Mother of four school age kids, I wanted to do something for me. In 2014 at age 43, I set a goal to do two fitness competitions in May and July of that year. I’d never done anything like that before. It was extremely hard. I would break down mentally and physically during workouts because my body had no more to give. My nutrition was completely off because as we know fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. It was grueling and stressful. I got through them but said I was never going to do a show again. In 2015 I sat out but I had an itch because I got a 2nd place and a 5th place and I’m kind of competitive and that didn’t sit well with me. I wanted a 1st place title.

Last summer, in 2015 I decided to do another show. But I knew I had to change my nutrition because that was where I was lacking the fist time. I met Margaux Drake and she hooked me up with Isagenix. I started with the Weight Loss Presidents Pak. I didn’t have to lose a ton of weight but it was a great kickstart to a NEW healthy nutritional plan. Now at age 45, I saw some amazing results right away in my energy and got rid of my muffin top that had started to develop. After a month I added in the Amped line of performance products. All Isagenix products were seamlessly integrated into my nutrition plan. Fast forward to April 9th , 2016 and my show: I WON my divisions and almost won over all, but took a close second to someone half my age! I’ll take that:)

1st Place Mid Michigan Masters Bikini
1st Place Mid Michigan Grand Masters Bikini
2nd Place Mid Michigan Bikini Open

But, here’s the thing, when my trainer would give me my workouts I still had energy when I was done so I would do MORE because I could. I’d add in some ab workouts or an extra set of something else. I went into this show with tons of energy and confidence. It was much more FUN because I felt great. I stepped out on stage and owned it because I was nourished, healthy, happy and balanced.

I used to only be able to workout 2-3 times a week and I would need to come home and take a nap afterward. Now I work out 5 days a week, consistently. One thing I have noticed since starting Isagenix is how strong my body is an how fast it recovers.

Now with Isagenix, my kids are seeing me eat all day long. They see my energy and notice my performance. Now they use some of the the products to FUEL their sports too:)”

Three words for you Jeanine: YOU GLOW GIRL!

Team Member, Summer Stephen:

From Sugar Addiction to WOW

Summer is a busy wife and Mama of four little kids. Her family lives on a farm, she works outside the home AND she home schools her kids…whoa! I knew I could SIMPLIFY her CRAZY life of farm animals, teaching and cutting hair. We think I reached out to her 15 times and she was always so sweet to say, “Thanks, but I’m going to keep eating clean and do this on my own.” But, the pants and DARN shorts just kept getting tighter she finally said YES!

“I’m jumping for joy over here!! Literally!!
This past Thursday I met a goal that I had set for myself back in the spring.
If you know me, you know I love FOOD and SUGAR!!

This past winter I had hit a wall with some physical limitations from my left knee and the fact that my FAT shorts no longer fit me! I had to listen to what my body was telling me. And that was that my LIFESTYLE had to change.

So I jumped into a plan that would fit my busy life but where I wouldn’t feel or be deprived of my food. I also needed coaching and accountability because without that I knew I would talk myself out of anything just like in the past.

Thanks to a friend for encouraging me because I’m never going to look back. If this food lover, sugar addicted girl can change, so can you!”–Summer Stephen

Seeing that SMILE fills my heart with JOY Summer. I’m so DANG HAPPY you said YES to yourself. I’m sure your family is too. Happy wife, happy LIFE!

Ressie Stranaly- Margaux Drake

Team Member, Ressie Stranaly:

From Obese to Michigan’s Fitness Ambassador 

Ressie is a busy Mother of three children, registered nurse and university professor. She works 62+ hours a week and is on call nights and weekends. She recently found her secret weapon with the Isagenix nutritional system and ran with it (literally) as she was recently selected as one of Michigan’s 2016 Fitness Ambassadors.

“I WAS OBESE! I wasn’t always obese; it kind of snuck up on me. I was full of excuses: A high stress job, a career ending injury, quitting smoking and having a baby.  In reality, I was obese because of poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle.  Year after year and pound after pound I made excuses for my lifestyle. After 4 years of hard work, I had lost approximately 45 pounds but my weight loss had hit a plateau, so I made some more changes.  I cleaned up my diet even more (mostly :)) and began incorporating the Isagenix nutritional system. The program includes an online motivational group which has helped me increase my daily activity too. I am proud to say I have now lost 115lbs!  My BMI has gone from 39.87 to 23.33. Not only am I NOT obese, I’m not even OVERWEIGHT!

Last summer was one of the best I’ve ever had- I can now proudly call myself a runner. I spent the summer camping, swimming, kayaking, running and most importantly…LIVING!”–Reesie Stranaly

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