Lovin’ Our Mama on Earth Day!

Teddy in the Galapagos Islands

Mother Earth, she’s the only one we’ve got! We can’t take her for granted. Let’s show her a little l-o-v-e from this day forward by committing to help her flourish in our own way.

This Earth Day I’m lovin’ Mother Earth by: Going Native!!! As in, I will plant more native plants. This benefits the whole ecosystem, from the soil to the bugs to the birds. (If you’re interested in this too, check out Douglas Tallamy’s book, Bringing Nature Home.)

So, how will you show Mama your love today and always? Post your commitment in the comment area below. Let’s inspire each other to take good care of our Mother so that our children’s great-great-great grandchildren can marvel at her miracles, the large and the small.

Happy Earth Day! 


  1. The Shade Shop, Inc.

    May 1, 2011

    I know it is a few days past Earth day, but every day should be an “earth” day. Just picking up trash when you see it on the ground (whether it is yours or not) because there is nothing worse than seeing a lovely new spring flower trying to push its little head through the soil….and also a flatten, soggy piece of paper bag on top of it. A sad sight!