PURE Taipei Through My Lens-Day 5: TGIF…No, Really!

It’s Friday AND we are thanking God.

If you do business in Taipei, it’s very important that you visit the city temple and check in with Cheng Huang Ye, the patron deity of cities. We did just that.

Our Taiwanese friends (and for the day, our temple guides) explained to us that you visit the temple when you need to ask God for help or to say thank you. There are special services on holidays but for the most part it’s a “come when you can and come as you are” type of deal. Growing up a good ol’ fashioned, guilt-ridden, every-Sunday Catholic that concept freaked me right out. Paradigm shift! Really…so, just when you need something and just to say “thanks”? Huh.

We gave gifts of fresh flowers and fruit to show our gratitude. We lit candles, and incense. We burned stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks of paper to ask for health and prosperity. We plugged in and prayed.