DIY Toast Bar

A DIY Toast Bar is one of my FAVORITE tips for the holidays. It may sound simple, however with the craziness of the season and family coming and going, it’s a great way to feed everybody in the morning. The DIY part is key. If your kids are old enough, they can serve themselves, all you need to do is have it set out.


Use high quality ingredients. Simple concept, high quality ingredients. Start with your fresh baked bread, I like to use sourdough and an herbed farm loaf. I leave it uncut so people can determine the thickness of their toast. Remember your gluten-free friends as well. Gluten-free bread stores great in the freezer and you can always have it on hand.

DIY Toast Bar- Margaux Drake

In fact, you can always have all of these ingredients on hand and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserve is great to spread on your breads. Set out organic nut butters like almond and peanut butters. We like to use honey from our hives on our DIY Toast Bar. Local honey is an EXCELLENT idea. Set out some cinnamon too. Lastly, if you eat dairy use organic butter and for your dairy-free friends, Earth Balance Buttery Spread is a GREAT option.


Fresh containers of everything is best. Or, display DIY Toast Bar options in an eclectic mix of coordinating serving bowls and dishes. Make it BEAUTIFUL by using a variation of heights as well.

DIY Toast Bar- Margaux Drake


The other key part of a DIY Toast Bar is the right equipment. I LOVE my new Wolf Gourmet toaster for a couple of reasons, first it has extra wide bread slots. My husband likes his bread cut really thick, with this toaster it actually fits in the slots! And, the other reason I LOVE this toaster is that it has a “Keep Warm” feature. So, while you are doing other things (like making coffee or tea), your toast will be kept toasted, WARM and ready for you.


DIY Toast Bar, a SIMPLE idea to always have on hand throughout the season to make sure your holidays stay MERRY & BRIGHT.

Let us know how the DIY Toast Bar works out for you. What type of things do you like to include? And, how did your family like it? Please comment below!