Create an Artistic Party Tray on WOTV 4 Women

Bring an artistic touch to your next get together
on WOTV 4 Women

Ingredients available at
 D&W Fresh Market

Art fever has hit Grand Rapids with the three week international art show, ArtPrize. You can join in the creative fun at home by expressing your inner-artist through the presentation of food to your friends and family. Get inspired on how you can whip up a party tray masterpiece of your own with things that you may already have on hand.

I whip one up in the video clip below in just thirty seconds. Okay, so I had a little help from time lapse photography, but honestly, it doesn’t take much time and you don’t need a lot of any one item. That’s the beauty of it. No two are alike. Have fun and go for it!

 Click play to watch the 30 second video below: