Edibles to Plant Now & Plant Later

Organic Red Ursa Kale

Common Edibles to Plant Now

(cool season crops):

Vegetables & Edible Flowers
Asparagus- perennial (3 years to harvest)
Beets- annual
Brussels Sprouts- annual
Carrots- annual
Cauliflower- annual
Celery- annual
Kale- annual
Lettuce- annual
Onion- annual
Peas- annual
Spinach- annual
Blackberry- perennial shrub (2 years to harvest)
Grape- perennial vine (3-4 years to harvest)
Raspberry- perennial shrub (2 years to harvest)
Strawberry- perennial ground-cover (spreads)
Chives- perennial
Coriander/Cilantro- annual
Garlic- annual
Parsley- biennial (self-seeding)
Sage- perennial
Tarragon- perennial
Thyme- perennial

Common Edibles to Plant Later

(warm season crops):

Vegetables & Edible Flowers
Dried Beans- annual
Lima Beans- annual
Snap Beans- annual
Corn- annual
Cucumbers- annual
Eggplant- annual
Melon- annual
Nasturtium- annual (self-seeding)
Peppers- annual
Potatoes- annual
Squash- annual
Sweet Potato- annual
Tomato- annual
Basil- annual
Caraway- annual/biennial (self-seeding)
Dill- perennial (self-seeding)
Fennel- perennial (self-seeding)
Lavender- perennial
Marjoram- annual (can winter indoors)
Oregano- perennial (spreads)
Rosemary- annual (can winter indoors)
*Average Last Frost Date for Spring in Grand Rapids, MI is May 5, 2011 according to the Farmer’s Almanac. I’m playing it safe and waiting for at least mid-month to plant warm season crops.