Holiday Containers: BIG Impact, LOW Cost and LOTS of Gold Spray Paint

Cost effective exterior holiday arrangement.

This year, like most people, we’re watching every penny, especially during the holidays. This “non-recession” recession has fertilized (pun absolutely intended) my creativity and has impeled me to be more resourceful. Tough love.

On this Monday after Thanksgiving I stand strong, a la Yul Brynner in The King and I. Clippers in holster and a can of gold spray paint in hand.

Anything I could cut and dry from our garden was gilded in gold (along with my black Hunter Boots, unfortunately). Anything evergreen growing in our garden, got a haircut. I supplemented the rest with purchased items and spent much less than in past. Amen, Hallelujah…day one and I’m still on budget! 
Following are the results:

A Fraser Fir is the centerpiece in each of the two urns by our front door,
which can be repurposed in the spring.

From our garden:
Annabelle Hydrangeas (gold)
Curly Willow (gold)
(Remember the Creepy for Cheapy Halloween Urns?
I saved the branches and reused them.)
Thistle (gold)
White Pine
Grass Plumes
From our neighbor’s garden:
(who just happened to be tossing an entire cedar tree to the curb last week,
From the nice lady, Diane Wood:
(who has a greens sale every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving
out of her garage, and I always forget to go,
Mixed Green Bows-$75
Floral Wholesaler:
Silver Bell Pods-$50
Antique Gold Spray Paint-$25
Local Greenhouse:
2 Fraser Firs-$60

Our 8′ wide window box, densely packed.
Arrangement Detail
Clockwise from top: Gilded hydrangea, eucalyptus, silver bell pods and cedar.
Final Tally:
Two 24″ front door urns, one 8′ window box, one 20″urn on pillar, one 20″ urn by service door…
My urns are very large, so my arrangements are very big, and I have many of them. The cost adds up.
However, if I hired the design and implementation out, these arrangements
 would be double or triple the price.
Keep it simple, and keep it cheap!
I have a ton of EVERYTHING left over and I’ll be doing my backyard containers next.
My cost per container will be even less.
Stay tuned.
Bringing bling back to the holidays, one antique gold spray paint can at a time…