mStyle: Scarf Bracelet

Scarf Bracelet
Because my wardrobe is stocked with SOLID colors
in varying shades of  NEUTRAL and DENIM,
I use SCARVES to add a dash of vibrant COLOR and PATTERN to my outfits, 
usually wearing the scarfs in my hair, around my neck or tied to my handbag.
I ran into a friend of mine the other day
and she had a GREAT scarf tied around her wrist.
LOVED the FRESH idea.
LOVED the idea of using something I already had in a NEW way.
Try it…
scarf bracelets for SPRING!


  1. UrbanChiqueNess

    March 27, 2012

    Ok that is so ironic…You were in my dream last night and you were ready to go on stage for a speech and I was your stylist. You came to me with too many scarves on your neck so I took one and used it as a bracelet. Honestly, there is some weird karma and vibes being sent between us! I am not joking….too weird. Love it! xo

  2. Margaux Drake

    March 27, 2012

    Great minds my dear! I can’t wait to come to Chicago and get together. Can you imagine the karmic energy when we see each other in person!?!

  3. The Shade Shop, Inc.

    March 27, 2012

    What an excellent idea! A great way to use those small square scarves that use to be popular before the much larger scarves took over….Thank you for another clever tip!