mTip: Fast & Free Fall Floral Arrangement

Use what you have in your garden for a fast and free fall floral arrangement:
1. Great bud vase/s
*Invest in these not store bought flowers!

2. Branchy clipping/s of boxwood
(or other evergreen/s)
*You’ll be pruning them soon anyway
3. Grass plumes
*They’re abundant this time of year but use caution: Very flammable (found out the hard way).
4. Fern fronds (fertile/spore bearing)
*These are the weird stiff thingies that pop up in the fall from some types of ferns (i.e. Ostrich). Most people never think of using them. But once dried they can be used again and again and again!
The best part of this arrangement is that it will last for a week or two. My daughter, Ellie, whipped this idea up when she filled the house with arrangements a week ago. I loved it and thought I’d pass it along to you. Thanks Ellie-Belle!