Sweet & Spicy Veggie Dip for WOTV 4 Women

Ingredients available at
D&W Fresh Market
As we juggle the responsibilities of everyday life, boy does it feel great when we are on our game planning meals, saving time, saving money and eating at home…calmly. Right? But, there is a way you can feel even better–by making meals that make other meals. Think of it like a three for one deal. Work less. Save More. Cha-Ching!
First dazzle your friends and family on the weekend with Grilled Veggie Shish kabobs on Rosemary Skewers, then whip up a quick mid-week dinner of Sweet & Spicy Veggie Soup, at last make yourself a lite lunch or snack with Sweet & Spicy Dip recipe.
Sweet & Spicy Veggie Dip
Makes 1 Cup
1/2 C Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream, Sour Supreme *Available at D&W Fresh Market-Knapp’s Crossing
Cumin to taste
Salt to taste
Hand mix together all ingredients in a mixing bowl with a wire whisk until smooth. Serve with rice crackers, apple slices and capers. 
Ingredients available at D&W Fresh Market.