Kitchen Design Solutions Featured in Grand Rapids Magazine

My kitchen design solutions are featured in January’s
Grand Rapids Magazine
“Two designers, two storage solutions”
By Susan Smith
Photos: Michael Buck
My “Open Pantry” concept
and removing cabinetry for open shelving maximized
inefficient space.
Maximize use of vertical space.
 BEFORE: “Open Pantry” Area
(To right of doorway.)
 BEFORE: Open shelving Area
(Removed the far right wall cabinet and appliance garage.)

An efficiently planned kitchen makes preparing whole foods a snap. I am available for kitchen design consultations if you would like to make your kitchen space more user friendly for you and your family.  This post offers just the cliff notes, for more detail please pick up January 2013’s issue of Grand Rapids Magazine and message me below if you would like more information on my design consultation services. A well organized kitchen makes for a happy chef.

Bon Appetit!