Veggie Wreath

Veggie Wreath-Margaux DrakeA veggie wreath is a fun twist on a simple vegetable tray for the holiday season. It’s easy, kids can help out and it can double as a centerpiece. It’s a festive way to include raw vegetables at any holiday event.

Veggie Wreath
Makes one 18″ Tray

2 cups hummus, or other dip
2-3 bunches of curly kale
3-5 heads of broccoli, stems left on
1 summer squash, cut into rounds
20 green olives
10 grape tomatos
1 purple carrots, peeled into ribbons
1 large round tray with an elevated edge
1 small bowl for the dip
1 yd of ribbon


Veggie Wreath DETAIL-Margaux DrakePreparation:
Assemble all ingredients and items. Wash and prepare produce. Start making the wreath by lining the outside edge of the tray with the prettiest and curliest pieces of kale, letting it hang off the edge of the tray. Kale has a natural curve to it, so use that bend around the curve of the tray (see photo). Fill the bowl with your favorite dip and place it in the center of the tray. Use the damaged and flattened pieces of kale as a bed for all of the other veggies by laying them between the bowl and the outside kale pieces. Then, add the broccoli by nestling them next to each other, the bed of kale will help them stand up. Next, add the summer squash, olives, grape tomatoes and purple carrot ribbons by placing them in a random pattern on top of the brocolli. Lastly, tie a bow out of ribbon and place it at the top to finish off your wreath.

This is my version, but I would LOVE to see what you have created to incorporate more vegetables into the holiday season. Feel free to post a photo on my Facebook page so we can INSPIRE each other!

Healthy Holidays!




  1. Livvy Zimmerman

    December 22, 2014

    Yay!!!! The site is live!!! Love the wreath – great idea!

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