Welcome to Heaven On Earth-Home!

This site has been an idea tossing around in my mind for years and now it’s finally here! I’m very excited to share information that I have on interior design, gardening, plant-based cuisine, sustainable & concious living, environment, exercise and philanthropy with you. Although the subjects may seem diverse, in reality they are all connected in a lifestyle. I hope you find my insights inspiring and useful. While we’re on the subject of “Concept to Reality”; Let’s begin…

Would you describe your home as a Heaven on Earth? If you don’t right now, you can make it one. We all deserve to feel completely comforted, like we’re wrapped in a warm blanket. Most people don’t know where to begin in terms of designing their home environment. Because of this, I developed a simple tool to get the ideas about describing your ideal living space flowing.
Take a deep breath, exhale and start writing.
It all starts with putting pen to paper and completing the Heaven On Earth exercise: Write for at least five minutes on what you’ve always wanted in a home and lifestyle.
This isn’t all about material possessions. It can be about feelings, sounds or aromas that are comforting or nostalgic. It’s about creating a space that will accommodate visiting family or having a room that’s beautiful and child friendly. Don’t let a budget limit you. Dream and write.
This will serve as your guide in the design process. After all, how can you arrive at your destination if you don’t know where you’re going?
You can write bullet points, beautifully composed complete sentences or random words scribbled all over the page. Just get your thoughts and ideas down on paper. Invite others living with you to take part as well. People are often surprised at what they discover about themselves, and what they learn about their loved ones.
If you are inclined, feel free to share your exercise in the comments section. I’d love to read your ideas. I’ll be sharing mine in my next post.
Take five minutes to describe your Heaven on Earth. Have fun!