DIY Holiday Floral Arrangements

DIY holiday floral arrangements with cuttings from your yard and just a few store bought flowers, freshen weekly and they’ll last the whole season.

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The holidays are expensive enough, however we want our homes to look festive throughout the month of December. I’m going to teach you how to make holiday floral arrangements with many of the things that you may find outside in your yard.

What we want mainly are evergreens. Look for spruce, pine, boxwood and yews. We can use all of that as filler. Other things to look for are grass plumes, dried hydrangeas and fern fronds.

DIY Holiday Floral Arrangements, Step by Step Instructions:

  1. First, choose your container.
  2. Fill it half way with water.
  3. Grab your greens and start placing them in your container.
    A mix of three different types of evergreens is usually a good look.
    In this arrangement I am using cedar, yew and spruce.
  4. Next add your dried flowers like hydrangeas.
  5. Then add your purchased flowers. Tip: Lilies will last longer than roses. You might be able to keep them for two weeks!
  6. Lastly, place your grass plumes and fern fronds to finish your arrangement.
  7. Check the water level daily and add more accordingly.
  8. Weekly, freshen the arrangement by replacing the water and adding new purchased flowers.

Your house will look and smell wonderful throughout the holidays!

Let me know what you like to use from your yard in your arrangements or how this idea goes for you by commenting below. Also, we would LOVE to see pictures of your economical holiday floral arrangements so head on over to my Facebook page, Margaux Drake and share your INSPIRATION with us!

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You can keep cost to a minimum while living a BEAUTIFUL life. Go for it and create your arrangements today!

Happy Holidays!