MargauxTV: DIY Bathroom Tile Renovation

DIY Bath Renovation- Margaux Drake

DIY your bathroom wall tile with a quick and economical fix using Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit . It’s a two-part epoxy acrylic formula that will allow you to apply a smooth, porcelain-like finish to your tile in just a few hours. We were not able to locate it at our local home improvement stores so I’ve made it easy for you to order here. 

I have wanted to gut our kid’s bathroom and start fresh with new tile for years, but it has been cost prohibitive. With a home that is almost 100 years old, there is always a long list of items to refinish, repair and cash flow. In the mean time, the bathroom was getting more difficult to maintain because the previous renovation was so old, and it was not very INSPIRATIONAL for our kids to start their day every morning. When my husband, Steve, came up with the idea to refinish our wall tile in order to buy us time until a more thorough renovation can take place, I was VERY skeptical. We have had professionals reglaze tile in the past and I just didn’t believe that a DIY product could give us the same result. But, I said “okay honey! Let’s do it!” with the hopes that it wouldn‘t work and we’d be FORCED to gut the bathroom sooner rather than later.


Fortunately it WORKED GREAT! The tile is now all the same color, a crisp clean white. It’s much easier to keep clean and it is a much better environment for our kids to start their day. Make sure to do your prep work, use goggles, wear a filter mask and keep the area well ventilated.  Rust-Oleum offers a detailed Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit  step-by-step tutorial video.  A complete list of supplies needed will be located on the top of the box when it arrives but for a preview click here.

Our bathroom is about 6′ X 10′ and we purchased three kits but only ended up needing to use two. For well under $100 we were able to completely transform the look of the tile in this bathroom. Is it a 5-10 year fix? No, probably not. I’d guess it is a SOLID 3-5 year solution.

Pick up your kit or kits, so you can renovate your bathroom in a weekend just like we did. Let us know how it goes by posting a before and after photo on the Margaux Drake – WholeLiving Facebook Page.