Athletes, Fuel up on California Loaded Toast!

Breakfast of Champions:
California Loaded Toast

While we are not exactly “champions”, my husband, Steve, and I have been endurance athletes (marathoners, ultra-marathoners and Ironman triathletes) for over eighteen years. This has afforded us many years of trial and error in the sports nutrition department. One of my favorite pre-long workout breakfasts is “California Loaded Toast” (V/GF). With a jam, jelly or cinnamon sugar toast, I would get a spike of energy then a big drop in blood sugar, leaving me VERY tired. However, with this savory version of a breakfast classic, my blood sugar remains much more stable for the long workout ahead. Two slices are enough to keep me going for hours.
For short distance runs I usually don’t eat at all before I train. But, when my running time is measured in hours not minutes, this is one of my breakfast faves. As we are currently training for an ultra-marathon, I have been enjoying a few slices of California bliss before heading out on our long weekend runs.
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  1. The Shade Shop, Inc.

    April 25, 2012

    If this sustains you during your long runs, it will certainly sustain me through a morning at work! It looks like a great combination and I am anxious to try it! Keep us posted also how your marathon goes! The best of runner’s luck to you both!!!