Look Mom, No Baggies!

Keep millions of plastic baggies out
of our landfills with
reusable lunch products

After volunteering in my daughter’s elementary school lunchroom and witnessing the enormous amount of waste being created,  I was on a mission to to find an alternative to single use disposable lunch products for our family. That was over two years ago, with experience our eco-friendly lunches have evolved…

Lunchbots to the rescue! This company makes high quality, great looking stainless steel containers as well as insulated containers so you can send your kids to school with hot cider, warm soup or cozy chili (see right and left photos above). They are 100% reusable and 100% recyclable. Since stainless steel is non-reative I can be confident that I am packing healthy food in healthy containers, perfect for my littlest one.

However, I also have a teenager that has her “own reusable lunch bag, thank you very much, Mom!” However, her “fancy” designer bag comes with absolutely no way for me to keep her sliced fruit from making a soggy mess of her crackers. Not wanting to use plastic, I needed to find some sort of reusable baggy. Harvest Health has the perfect option for this too, Lunchskins! These environmentally friendly reusable sandwich, snack and sub bags are dishwasher safe (AMEN!), regularly tested toxin free: bpa, lead + phthalate free (YES!), handsewn in the USA (OH YEAH!) and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (WAHOOO!). Teenager, Mother Earth and Mom are now happy and that is a very good thing.

By investing in these GREAT products, you will save money on lunch packaging over time AND you will help keep millions of plastic baggies from piling up in our landfills every year. What a great lesson to teach our children as they head back to school!

The Harvest Health Cascade and Hudsonville locations are stocked and ready to help your family reduce its daily lunchprint. Happy Fall!~XO M

PS: Please support our local business, however if you absolutely cannot get to the store this week you can also purchase these items through my on-line Heaven On Earth Home Store in the Back To School Section.


  1. UrbanChiqueNess

    August 31, 2012

    Saving mother earth one step at a time! I love my eco friendly lunch boxes but those baggies are adorable. The kids @ancona weigh their lunch waste every day…learn math and hope to get to a garbage free week. Teaches them to be responsible and aware even in 1st grade!

  2. Margaux Drake

    August 31, 2012

    E, enjoy your last few days of vacation! I’m so glad you all are OK!!! Teddy went to a camp that weighed the lunch waste and I thought that was genius. The kids do get into it, trying to make less waste each day. Thanks for reading! XO M