Sprouts! Supercharge Your Diet on a Dime

Sprouts!Supercharge Your Diet on a Dime

Interested in supercharging your diet economically?
Grow your own
Learn how by clicking on the video player below:
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·      You can easily grow sprouts right in your own kitchen using seeds, purified water and a sprouting jar or a wide mouthed jar, a screened lid and a rubberband.
·      I made ALL of these sprouts for UNDER $4.00 worth of seeds, using organic alfalfa, red clover, red quinoa and lentils.
·      Sprouts are a powerhouse of nutrition and are powerful little enzyme factories, which translates to more energy for YOU!
·      Here’s how to grow your own:
*       Place seeds in a sprouting jar, these are lentils which after sprouting contain 25% protein, and are a good source of iron and calcium.
*       Soak them in purified water overnight.
*       Then, drain them in the morning.
*       Keep them in a warm dark place, like a cupboard.
*       I use the cupboard where I keep my Vitamix because I use it everyday so that reminds me to give them a drink.
*       Rinse your sprouts in purified water twice a day until you are ready to use them, which can be anywhere from 3-7 days.
*       After that, slow down their growth by storing them in the refrigerator.
*       Keep rinsing daily so they don’t dry out!
·      Now that you’ve grown these healthy little beauties, what do you do with them?
*       Adopt the motto “sprouts in everything” that’s blended in a blender or processed in a in a food processor, from smoothies to hummus, you can sneak them into just about anything. (Sometimes we moms have to be a little mischievous like that!)
*     Or, make YOUR meals more nutritious by making yourself a  “Margaux Salad”! Take whatever you made your family for dinner and serve it to yourself on a bed of dark leafy greens topped with a heavy dose of sprouts. All of the fiber will fill you up FAST so you will not be tempted to go back for seconds. This really works for me, and I hope it works for you too!
·      Let me know how sprouting works for you.

From our kitchen to yours,
in good health!


  1. Anonymous

    May 21, 2012

    Is there a certain type of seeds I should start with, or just buy the variety from Amazon.

  2. Anonymous

    May 22, 2012

    Thanks, I ordered the alfalfa sprouts, and I’ll certainly let you know.