MargauxTV: Home & Garden Show 2016

We visited the 37th Annual West Michigan Home & Garden Show to find out what’s hip, hot and NEW in home and garden right now.

Here’s what we found:

Subzero-Wolf has a new air filtration system that takes the ethene gas out of your refrigerator. That’s the gas that causes produce to ripen. This will greatly help with food preservation, saving you money. They have also launched a new Wolf Gourmet line of stainless steel cookwear which I am excited to try out in the near future. I’ll let you know what I think after I take it for a few spins around the kitchen.

I know the mechanicals of your home aren’t as SEXY or EXCITING as the design and decorating piece of things. But doing your homework in this area can save you a lot of money in the long run. Think of minimizing your utility bills so you have more to spend on the sexy design stuff. Also, don’t forget about including a water filtration system in your home. I always say, “INVEST in a filter or be one”. Buy one, your liver will thank you. Drinking purified water is essential to your HEALTH and VITALITY.

Outside, succulents are still HOT as are water features. Still or moving water, people are naturally drawn to it. Hmmmm, maybe because water is essential to our HEALTH & VITALITY. See how this works? Everything is connected.

My FAVE find of the day, because an outdoor shower has been on my VISION BOARD for years, is the Waterbridge Exposed Shower System by Sonoma Forge. I will have one someday and now I have the proper fixture for it! Hope you like it too.

Get INSPIRED. Get INFORMED. Get to WORK designing and creating a life you LOVE. Let’s DO IT together!