1. mTip: Design With Flour

    Use flour to design new beds and paths in the garden. It’s inexpensive, eco-friendly and will disappear with a little water. Check the weather forecast for rain and make sure to turn the irrigation system off temporarily if you have one. Timing is key!
  2. Lucky You: A Gratitude Practice

    Lucky you! GRATITUDE is FREE, it can be practiced anywhere, anytime and It’s good for your health. Don’t overcomplicate it. Don’t be overwhelmed by it. It’s simply taking time to be grateful for certain people and things in your life like; you being ALIVE (since the odds are estimated to be 400 trillion to...
  3. MargauxTV: Home & Garden Show 2016

    We visited the 37th Annual West Michigan Home & Garden Show to find out what’s hip, hot and NEW in home and garden right now. Here’s what we found: Subzero-Wolf has a new air filtration system that takes the ethene gas out of your refrigerator. That’s the gas that causes produce...