mTip: 50K, Running Au Naturel!

This past Saturday my husband, Steve and I ran 50K (31M) for charity.

I did it:

Fueled by Only Raw Food
No Caffeine
No Pain Medication

(Three HUGE firsts for me.)

No big pre-race pasta dinner, no rice, no bread,
not one sip of my beloved tea, no Gu with caffeine or Red Bull to lean on,
no de-fizzed Coke to lure me to the next aid station,
no Advil or Tylenol to numb my pain.

I ate a BIG salad the night before and had a BIG salad at the finish line.

Because, I just wanted to see if I could and the good news is…

It can be done!(And, I ran the course 30 minutes FASTER than before.)

I took Sunday off to see my mum and enjoyed a morning yoga class today,
which felt lovely.

Of course I am a tiny bit sore, but all in all
I feel GREAT.

Trust Mother Nature, after allMOTHER KNOWS BEST!

PS: I hope you didn’t arrive at this post thinking that I would actually run naked…
I wouldn’t think of it. I mean, imagine the chaffing! 😉


  1. Anonymous

    May 16, 2012

    Wow Margaux, You continue to be amazing!!
    Re: Millet, could you have just soaked it instead of boiling?

  2. Margaux Drake

    May 21, 2012

    Millet can be soaked instead of steamed. For both my Ironman races (and many 1/2 Ironman races) I made it as I mentioned in my post. However, millet is a seed and can be sprouted. Soak for 6-10 hours then drain and water/drain twice a day just as you would an alflafa sprout. You’ve inspired me to try a completely raw version of my Ironman fave. Thank you!