mTip: Creepy for Cheapy Halloween Urns

The Wicked Witch flies by sometimes, and with a strike of her wand, 
renders even our best-planned gardening endeavors, DEAD.
Don’t be so quick to kick SLAIN trees or shrubs to the curb.
Breath life back into them by making a creepy cheapy
Halloween urn (or two), instead.

Urn/s, soil to hold limbs in place, MURDERED branches from a tree or shrub
(the more the better, so the bigger her SPELL the better your container!),
a bag of webbing from the Halloween store and maybe a
spider for good measure.

The Wicked Witch killed about 1/4 of our curly willow tree.
The limbs made two of the above containers. 

Halloween Urn- Detail
Our urns make perfectly SINISTER homes for our two pet spiders.
(And, all for under $10.00 per container.)
Take THAT evil witch!