mTip: Oversummering Holiday Evergreen Trees

A Fraser Fir purchased LAST YEAR for holiday decoration,
oversummered in our kitchen garden.
This holiday season it is being reused
to create a festive entry to our greenhouse.
Dont toss out those cute little ‘live’ evergreen trees when the holiday season comes to a close. Oversummer it and reuse it the next year instead.

This young Fraser Fir is one of two that I purchased last year to use in the pair of urns by our front door. Both were doing great all summer, until we changed the irrigation. One was hit by too much water, discolored and defoliated.

Live and learn.

Keep them in pots with GOOD DRAINAGE, in the sunshine and be careful not to over-water.

When it outgrows your container after a few years, you can either plant it in your garden or donate it to a worthy charity. (shameless plug)

Saving a tree and saving money,
that’s a win-win!