mTip: Perennial Time and Cost Savings for Your Outdoor Containers

Dividing garden perennials and using them in outdoor containers
saves TIME and MONEY!
No more running from garden center to garden center
finding and paying for ALL new annuls each spring.

Assess your current perennial garden inventory, divide and arrange.
In the fall, remove the perennials from your decorative containers,
pot them individually and heel them into the ground for winter.
In the spring, use them again!

Ivy, lambs ears, hostas, ferns,
and one purchased hanging basket of impatiens for $19.99
for a pop of white in the shade.

The plantings in this LARGE (36″ diameter) container were free this year!
Same plants as above, but because this urn is in partial sun,
I used an over-wintered white geranium in place of the purchased impatiens.

Under $23.00
For our pair of front urns,
I spent a few more dollars, $22.98 per container.
  Hostas, lambs ears, lily-of-the-valley (hidden in back),
a purchased majesty palm for $12.99
from the INDOOR houseplant section of Lowes
and 1/2 of a double impatiens hanging basket, $9.99.