mTip: Tee It Up for Spring Cleaning!

Get a jump on spring cleaning
by stocking up on “reuse” tee-shirt cleaning cloths
in the quiet of winter.

As Chief Laundress of the Drake home,
it is my prestigious duty to deem clothing unfit for wearing
 as it passes through my thorough inspection protocol.
(“I have no idea where that super gross shirt of yours went?”
Lips pursed. Pointer finger on lips.

When our white tees no longer pass muster, and are unfit for donation,
they get transformed into handy little cloths that can be used for cleaning around the house.

Use a cardboard from a new set of men’s tee-shirts as your guide,
draw an outline on the old tee-shirt with a fabric pen
(or a Sharpie if your not particular about what your rags look like),
then cut on your lines with pinking shears.
This will keep the edges from fraying and rolling up when folded.

Fold. Stack.
And, you’re ready for business!  

One adult men’s tee-shirt = six 9″X9″ cloths

From our home to yours…

Happy Cleaning!


  1. urbanchique

    January 9, 2012

    Love the pinking shear idea, I usually just cut and rip. You are more OCD than me..thats why I love u!

  2. Margaux Drake

    January 10, 2012

    Urbanchique, OCD stands for Over-the-Top Creative Diva, right? 😉 hehehe