mTip: Wrapping Holiday Gifts in Reusable Fabric

Save the planet one gift at a time by
wrapping holiday packages in reusable materials,
like fabric and waxed linen.

Purchase a fabric that coordinates with your holiday decorations
so it can be used for years to come.
Or, get creative with items from around your home,
like old jeans (because jeans go with EVERYTHING!),
bandanas, or fabric scraps from bygone sewing projects.
No searching for tape!
Wrapping is a quiet and relaxing process.
Wrapping seems to go faster.
Unwrapping is a quiet therefore calm process.
Folded fabric takes up less space to store than rolls of paper.
The wrapping can be used for other celebrations throughout the year.
Saves money!
Seersucker Fabric & Welt Cord
These are the materials that we use under our family tree.
No bags upon bags of noisy trash on Christmas morning!
Simply collect wrapping materials, fold & store for next year.
From my home to yours…
Happy Holidays!


  1. Anonymous

    December 22, 2011

    I like the look of the fabric.. I tend to recycle my old gaming magazines by wrapping my kids gifts with it.