mTip: A is for Apple: Quick Tip to Prevent Browning

apple-tip-no-browning-margaux-drake-1Kids are headed back to school soon so it’s time to get some solid systems into place to simplify your life. One of the most important is turning your lunch packing station into an efficient assembly line. While doing so, make sure it’s well stocked with rubber bands. Why? Because, you can keep cut apples fresh in school lunches with this surprising tip.

Using a knife or apple corer, cut the apple but keep the slices together. Then, wrap a rubber band around it to hold the individual pieces in place, no browning, no lemon juice, no extra container or baggie. It’s simple, cheap and easier to eat so kids are more likely to actually get a fresh apple in their bellies. You do less work. This idea is great for adult lunches too and road trips. No mess!