mTip: Dishwasher Do’s and Don’ts

Dishwasher dos and don'ts-Margaux Drake

Dishwasher smarts! Part of creating healthy meals is the clean up process and keeping your equipment in good working order is important for a well equipped and efficient kitchen.

Get more from your dishwasher with these tips:

Place your silverware with the dirtiest parts up. Be sure to mix different utensils in the same compartment so similar items like spoons don’t start nesting together. Wondering what to hand wash? Never put your sharp knives in the dishwasher, preserve the blades by carefully hand washing them. Also, the dishwasher will dry out and split your wooden utensils so wash those yourself too so they last longer. Lastly, pre-washing dishes before loading them into your washer can actually break down the finish over time due to the enzymatic action dishwashing soap. Let your dishwasher do the work!

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