Raw For 30 Days 29/30: Swift Kick in the Grass!

Wheatgrass Shot

Update: Friday night I wanted a glass of wine, like REALLY bad. And, I must have said something to that effect because before I knew it my husband was walking through the door with a bottle of red. The good news is that right behind him, out of the blue, my neighbor, Sandy, shows up carrying two flats of organic wheatgrass.

Free gift for me, just because. Funny how things happen.
Final score: Wheatgrass-1, Wine-0.

**If you are in the Grand Rapids area, stop in any Meijer store and talk to the produce manager about picking up a flat or two on a regular basis. You’ll not only be supporting a local distributor because my neighbor’s company sells to them, you’ll also be supporting a local farmer because it’s grown right here in Grand Rapids!