Raw For 30 Days 5/30: Happy Fall Y’All!

Update: Five days of eating only raw plant-based food and feeling good! A general sense of calmness has kicked in, I’m 4.5 pounds lighter and my “you-can’t-fool-me” jeans are not quite as tight this week. Hot yoga felt GREAT this morning as I’m much more flexible when eating right. I could definitely twist and bend easier because my belly is not too full and my body is a little more alkaline now.

Last night my husband, Steve, and I harvested all of this goodness from our kitchen garden. I have to say that it’s easier to be raw with all of these wonderful vegetables and herbs at my fingertips. Glad that my detox just happened to coincide with the Fall Harvest.

Although I thought I’d be canning all of these cucumbers, I think they’re destined for the juicer as my liquid fast starts TODAY!

Enjoy this change of seasons. How are you inspired to change with it?

Our Fall Bounty