Six Knot Caribbean Salsa (v/gf/r) for WOTV 4 Women

Six Knot Caribbean Salsa

All ingredients available at D&W Fresh Market

The sails are up, the wind is at our back and we need a snack. We have a smooth four hour sail from Bitter End to Cane Garden Bay in the British Virgin Islands. The weather is a balmy 85 degrees and the seas are calm. I have a stash of tropical fruit in the galley and more jalapenos than even our family could eat in a week. My only tool is a rusty bread knife and I’m holding the washed fruit in a bowl on the deck of our sailboat between my sandy bare feet. I chop on a cutting board which is sitting on my lap, while the the boat rolls through the waves. Juice is running everywhere and kids are helping by finishing off what’s left on the mango pits. Captain Buffet plays in the background. I’m throwing together what I have while traveling West at six knots and the result is this Caribbean salsa.
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You don’t need to be in the lower latitudes to make this though,  D&W Fresh Market has all of these ingredients in stock whenever you need a little taste of the islands.
Our kids, Stevie and Teddy,
swinging from the mast in the British Virgin Islands.