Star Spangled Chia Pudding (V/GF/R)

Star Spangled Chia Pudding

Don’t let your Chia Pet have all the fun! Chia seeds are loaded with health benefits and since they absorb water, they are very hydrating in the heat of summer. But that’s not why we eat dessert, is it?
Here’s a quick red, white and blue recipe that’s sure to please your friends and family today. They don’t have to know it’s actually healthy. It’s just dang good!
Star Spangled Chia Pudding
Makes 5 Cups
2 C Young Coconut Meat
1 C Cashews, raw and soaked
1/2 C Agave 
1/4 C Coconut oil
1 t Vanilla
1 t Cardamom
1 1/4 C Water, purified
1 C Chia Seeds
1 C Goji berries, soaked
1 C Blueberries
Place coconut meat, cashews, agave, coconut oil, vanilla, cardamom and water in a high-speed blender, and blend until creamy. Pour into a large bowl and stir in chia seeds then refrigerate for at least one hour. Serve garnished with soaked goji berries and blueberries.
From our kitchen to yours,
Happy Independence Day!