Strawberry Insurance

Freshly Picked Organic Heirloom Strawberries
with Rawkin’ Whip Cream

It’s no fun when you have done all the work to plant a bountiful strawberry patch only to discover that there are no strawberries left for you and your family to enjoy because critters got to them before you did. Proper planning and a few extra steps in the spring will ensure that you will be able to have strawberries next year and for years to come.

For step by step instructions on strawberry insurance,
as well as the recipe for Rawkin’ Whip Cream,
click on the link below:

Be prepared and cover your strawberry patch BEFORE the fruit develops.

Remove netting and pick!
Always taste test before you harvest to ensure ripeness,
and leave some berries for next week’s bounty.
This photo was taken just a few days ago,
so as you can see,
we are looking forward to one more harvest this season.

Most kids love to help in the garden
if it means picking strawberries and eating a few along the way!

Our strawberry harvest from last weekend.

From our kitchen garden to yours,

in good health!