Healthy Holiday Tip: Drink Water

Here’s a healthy holiday tip that won’t break the bank. Drink water! It may sound basic but sometimes we need simple reminders to care for ourselves especially during this busy time of the year. One half to one gallon per day and purified is best. The season gets crazy with extra events and to-dos, so workouts, nutrition and sleep suffer.

By keeping hydrated throughout the day you’ll boost your metabolism, energy and immune system. Drinking water also regulates your body temperature, keeps your skin glowing, lubricates your joints and gets rid of wastes through elimination and perspiration.


Healthy Holiday Tip- Margaux Drake

COMMIT: Decide today! If you can’t do anything else this holiday season, make drinking water a daily habit.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Keep your gallon right on your desk or counter as a reminder and sip out of a bottle or glass throughout the day.

WATER PLEASE: Order water first when dining out, it will save you calories and money as it is ZERO CALORIE and generally FREE. It will keep you GLOWING and within BUDGET!

SPICE IT UP: Add fruit slices and herb infusions, because the better it tastes to you, the more you will drink. Here are a few of my favorite recipes to get your creative juices FLOWING.

SHOW YOUR (EMPTY) JUGS!: A little friendly competition can help you drink your fill too. Invite your friends or coworkers to do a daily water challenge with you during this holiday season. Have them check in on social media with a picture of their empty water bottle and come up with a fun hashtag. I used #ShowYourJugs last year with my friends (yes, we got a little crazy, but not THAT crazy). It’s funny. We had a blast with it. Jugs here, there and everywhere, EMPTY by the end of the day! Drink up.


Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday season!