Infused Water Three Ways on eightWest WOOD TV-8

Infused water three ways on eightWest WOOD TV-8
Red, White and Blueberry Water
Terri, Rachael and I throw some creative ideas into the water
about BEATING dehydration this summer.
Lemon-Thyme Water
The trick to this presentation is,
a container that is cylindrical but not tapered.
Add one row of lemon slices and thyme, then pack with ice.
Add another row of lemon slices and thyme, then pack with ice to hold in place
and  add water.
Let steep overnight in refrigerator.
Add a ladle and enjoy!
Hibiscus-Star Anise-Orange with Agave Water
This infused water was definitely the favoriate
of the news room and the eightWest studio.
Simply add 1 T of dried hibiscus flowers
and 8 star anise pods to 2 L of water
and let sit overnight.
Add 1/3 C agave and stir.
Add sliced oranges and ice.
Sweet, tasty, and refreshing!
From our watering hole to yours,