28-Day Detox 3/28: Teddy’s Happy Guacamole

Margaux’s Dinner:
“Happy Guac, Happy Tummy”
Made and Spontaneously Named
by Teddy, age 10.
She served this up as Steve and I walked in the door
from a 16 mile run.
Bless her heart!
Face– Guacamole
(2 avocados mashed, 1/2 jalapeno seeded, 1/2 white onion,
2 T lemon juice, 2 tomatos seeded and minced, & 1 t

Celtic Sea Salt))
Hair- Lentil Sprouts
Eyes- Avocado Pits & Onions
Nose & Mouth- Flax Crax
Cheeks- Tomatos Diced
Served with raw flax crax and raw corn chips.

My 28-Day Detox class has asked me to photograph some of my meals to serve as inspiration.
Here are today’s EATS!
Steve’s & My Breakfast:
Gimme Green Pure Energy Super Smoothie
with agave to fuel our long run today.
Drizzled with more agave &
sprinkled with coconut flakes.
Served with a FAT glass straw.
Margaux’s Dinner:
Rawk Your World Taco “Meat” & Romaine Leaf Taco Shells
Served with “Happy Guac” and enzymes, of course!
Steve’s Dinner:
“Mac & Cheese”
(Ditalini Pasta, Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread,
Soy Milk, Daiya Cheese-Cheddar, Celtic Sea Salt)
Garnished with home-grown red clover sprouts and

freshly ground black pepper.
We skipped lunch today because of our run,
but what a beautiful March day to be outside for a few hours!

The detox continues…