Candlelit Harvest Dinner at Trillium Haven Farm

Raw Fresh Apple Cider
The kids enjoyed using farm’s vintage apple press
to squeeze the apples into cider!

It was risky to schedule a raw dinner down on the farm at the END of October, but Trillium Haven Farm hosted a harvest culinary adventure we’ll never forget!

A big raw, delicious THANK YOU to owners/farmers:
 Anja Mast and Michael VanderBrug.

Our raw dinner group arrived in the early evening,
just as mist was settling in the fields.
Anja gave us a tour of the farm,
as Mother Nature slowly dimmed the lights.
The sunset was spectacular!
As the lights started to twinkle over their lake,
we made our way to the warm candlelit greenhouse.
Michael rode home to grab a few things that we needed
to make our meal perfect!
Our raw dining group meets monthly and
everyone brings a dish to share.
Following is a sampling of the evening’s fair:
Raw Squash Crepes
by Rachael Van Dyke

Crepe Ingredients:

1 C  Flax seed, ground
1 C Yellow squash, raw
1/2 C Coconut, raw
3 t Lemon juice
2 C water, filtered
2 T Honey, or agave
1/2 t Sea salt
¼ t Coriander  (I roast seeds in pan and grind)
1/2t Cumin
Crepe Directions:
Place all in a high-speed blender and mix.
Spread as big rectangle on two parchment papers (or Teflex sheet).
Dehydrate 6-8 hours until pliable.

Filling Ingredients & Directions:
(Veggies for crepes or alone)
4 C Kale or spinach, torn up
3 t EVOO
1 t Sea salt 
Knead above together with hand and let sit in colander for 30 min
2 C Tomotoes, seeded
2 C Portobello mushrooms, chopped
1 C Onion
4 T Nama Shoyu (or Mrs. Bragg’s Amino Acids if other is not available.)
2 T Apple cider vinegar
Mixx together and let sit 30 minutes
Combine all after marinating
Roll up crepes!
(They will look like two big sub rolls.)
Raw Rosemary-Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Customized from Everyday Raw, by Matthew Kenny
Made by Molly Raaymaker

4 C Jicama, peeled and chopped (Molly used cauliflower)
2 C Cashews, soaked 1-2 hours
1 t Sea salt
1-2 t Rosemary, chopped and fresh
1 t Garlic, minced
2 t Nutritional yeast
Lemon juice to taste
Black pepper to taste
Directions:Process jicama (or cauliflower) in food processor until grain-like
consistancy is achieved. Press our excess liquid with a
cheesecloth or through a sieve.
Place in high-speed blender with remaining ingredients
and blend until combined.
Serve immediately or warm in a dehydrator until ready to serve.

Raw Zucchini Fettuccine with Chopped Mint
by Rachael Steil & Co.

4 small/2 large Zucchini spiralized into thick noodles
4 Mangos, diced
1 Lemon, juiced
2 T Tahini
1/4 C water, filtered
Mint leaves, chopped
Use a vegetable peeler/mandoline/spiralizer to make
fettuccine type noodles with zucchini.
To make the sauce add mangos, tahini, water, and lemon juice
to blender and blend until smooth.
Top the zucchini noodles with sauce and garnish
with chopped mint leaves.

Raw Guacamole 
Raw Apple, Walnut and Raison Salad
Raw Asian Salad 
Raw Cacao Walnut Cookies
by Rachael Van Dyke

4 C Almond flour (ground almonds)
1 C Flax seeds, ground
1 C Cacao powder
2/3 C EVOO
2/3 C Water, filtered
2/3 C Honey (or agave)
2 T Vanilla
2 C Walnuts, crushed
Mix together and roll into balls. Place on dehydrator screens.
Dehydrate 6-8 hours.

Raw Halloween Apple Monsters
by The Michon Family

Almond butter
Nuts and seeds
Tap into your inner ghoul and have some scary fun!

Anja and Michael prepared one of their greenhouses for us with candles and linens.
After sharing a lovely meal, we went outside to enjoy a roaring bonfire.
Dinner down on the farm…a SUCCESS!