Get JUICED for 2014 with the Crew from WOTV 4 Women

Get Juiced for 2014
with the Crew from WOTV 4 Women
Ingredients available at
D&W Fresh Market
To the women of West Michigan…It’s time. Let’s get JUICED for 2014!
We’ve made it though our 2013 wrap up meetings, the new year planning meetings, the second or was this last one the third polar vortex (I’ve lost count due to brain freeze) and multiple school closings. Oh, the joy of a snow day. When it’s four or five in one month, well that’s a different story. A women’s work is never done. We POWER through.
We, the Women of West Michigan are STRONG! No amount of snow, new scary names for winter storms or kids (along with their friends) swinging from the chandeliers is going to stop us.
The crew at WOTV 4 Women met recently to share our new year visions with each other. Now we are fully charged and ready for action. We are JUICED for 2014 to continue our mission to: Inspire. Inform. And, Empower the Women of West Michigan. I, the Healthy Eats crew member, prepared a signature cocktail for our New Year Kick Off meeting, it’s simple and packs a punch: OJ with a Twist! The vitamin C and antioxidants in this juice will arm you against or help you kick the winter ick so you can keep marching forward in full regalia.
My Vision for 2014: To create a community of women who are committed to health and wellness, who want to inspire, inform and empower each other. Who want to MOVE together, who want to FUEL together, who want to INVITE their families to do the same and have a BLAST doing it.
West Michigan Women we are here for you. Jump on board and as a Mom I can’t help buy say… “don’t forget your juice!”


POWER Lunch with the WOTV 4 Women Crew.
For my juicy recipe, OJ with a Twist,
 please visit us by clicking on the link below:


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