It’s HOT and It’s Happy Hour, Raw Mojito!

It’s HOT and It’s Happy Hour,
 Raw Mojito!

My graduating class from Lahser High School is celebrating our 25th year high school reunion this fall (GULP!), and I was asked by the reunion committee to produce a video invite for the party (NO Pressure). Since I am most comfortable in front of the camera in my kitchen whipping up plants into yummilicious things to eat and drink, I decided to include a cocktail recipe as part of the invite so that hopefully, everyone could enjoy cool drink in this summer’s heat.

Whether you are a LHS ’87 alum or not try this thirst quenching beverage the next time it’s happy hour at your house! Click “play” on the video player below.

My husband, Steve, and I had drinks like this at Pure Food and Wine in NYC years ago. We loved them so much (actually a little too much, as these easy-to-drink darlings made running in a Central Park race the next morning a bit challenging), and we have been making it as a summer cocktail ever since. Not sure if this is the exact recipe but regardless it’s pretty darn good anyway.

We make ours in quart Ball jars as our post gardening-all-day treat. Then we sit outside with dirt under our nails and up our noses and celebrate finally being done working. And, that’s one heck of a “Happy Hour” at our house.

Raw Mojito
1/2 C Mint leaves, packed
1/4 C Agave nectar
1/2 C Lime juice
1/2 C Ice 
1/2 C Sake 
Prosecco to finish
Muddle mint, agave nectar, lime juice and ice together in a martini shaker. Add sake and shake. Pour into your favorite cocktail glass and float prosecco to finish. Sip. Enjoy. Stay cool! (…and don’t plan on running in a race early the next morning.)
CHEERS to you LHS class of ’87!

Thank you to Andy Anderson
with his fancy equipment and superb skills
for the production of this video.