Your smoothie, your way: Super-charge it with boosts on WOTV 4 Women

Take your favorite smoothie recipe, then customize it to suit your needs. Want to rebuild your muscles after a hard workout? Add a plant-based protein like hemp powder. Need an anti-oxident super boost for youthful aging or to fend off disease? Try superfruits like blueberries, strawberries and cranberries. Or, support your cardiovascular and GI system with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and flax. Your smoothie, your way. For inspiration, check out my 30 second video above.

For a great basic smoothie recipe and an explanation of different boost ideas to suit your current health needs, head on over to WOTV 4 Women by clicking on the link below:

WOTV 4 Women- Living Well with Margaux Drake

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