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  1. mTip: Strawberries, Hang ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

    Above, three first-year strawberry plants share a moss-covered basket with a division of Hameln Grass. Keep critters away from strawberries by planting them in hanging baskets.  Since strawberries are a...
  2. mTip: When to Prune Roses

    In reference to roses, the old saying goes:When the forsythia blooms, it’s time to prune. Looks like it’s time to rock the Felcos West Michigan!
  3. mTip: Keeping Lilies White

    Lilies make a cost effective floral arrangement because they can last for over two weeks. However after lily blooms open, the pollen can create a mess on furniture and it...
  4. mTip: Pumpkins, Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

    Instead of kicking ’em to the curb, breath new life into your Halloween jack o’lanterns by adding them to your compost pile. You’ll be amazed at how fast Mother Nature’s...
  5. mTip: Fast & Free Fall Floral Arrangement

    Use what you have in your garden for a fast and free fall floral arrangement: 1. Great bud vase/s *Invest in these not store bought flowers! 2. Branchy clipping/s of...

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