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  1. Easter Floral Arrangements on eightWest WOOD TV8

    Simple Spring Floral Arrangementson eightWest WOOD TV8 If you are looking for a fresh table arrangement or to make your Easter baskets more environmentally friendly, I have a simple solution...
  2. Kitchen Design Solutions Featured in Grand Rapids Magazine

    My kitchen design solutions are featured in January’sGrand Rapids Magazine“Two designers, two storage solutions”By Susan SmithPhotos: Michael Buck My “Open Pantry” conceptand removing cabinetry for open shelving maximizedinefficient space. Maximize use...
  3. mTip: Edible Arrangements

    mTip: Edible ArrangementsGet creative setting your Thanksgiving table with itemsfound in the produce department,like this pear and globe-grape centerpiece. Pay once, decorate then eat! Fall Harvest Table

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