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  1. Look Mom, No Baggies!

    Keep millions of plastic baggies outof our landfills withreusable lunch products After volunteering in my daughter’s elementary school lunchroom and witnessing the enormous amount of waste being created,  I was...
  2. mTip: Trees Need Water too!

    Trees need water too!Perennials at eye-level scream for our attention as they droop and yellow due to shallow root systems,heat stress and lack of water,making us feel like bad, bad plant-parents.Before...
  3. mTip: Perennial Time and Cost Savings for Your Outdoor Containers

    $19.99Dividing garden perennials and using them in outdoor containerssaves TIME and MONEY!No more running from garden center to garden centerfinding and paying for ALL new annuls each spring.Assess your current perennial garden inventory, divide and arrange.In...
  4. mTip: Plant Clippings to Floral Arrangements in Minutes

    mTip:Plant Clippings to Floral Arrangements in MinutesA manicured garden needs consistent attention.A snip here, a snip there just to keep everything in its place.However, don’t toss ALL of those clippings in the...

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