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  1. MargauxTV: Simply Curated Candles

    Today on MargauxTV, Simply Curated​ candles at West Elm​. As I was shopping, the FABULOUS scent drew me over to this pop-up shop. Excited to discover this West Michigan based...
  2. Get the kids involved in the kitchen!

    Back to school time means you’re busier than ever, try making dinner a team effort! One way to get the kids involved is by letting them help set up. You...
  3. mTip: First Impressions in Your Home

    mTip:First Impressions in Your Homefor One of a Find Furniture and Accents First impressions are everything. A dramatic chest in your front entry will set the tone for your home and...
  4. Old Sweater, New Life: Tie-Dye with Tea Dye

    Old Sweater, New LifeTie-Dye with Tea DyeDIY Ivory Sweaters + My Love for Tea = Many Ruined Ivory Sweaters In honor of Earth Day this week, here is a DIY/Reuse/Recycle...
  5. Many Uses for the Classic Armoire (video)

    The Classic and Enduring ArmoireforOne of a Find Furniture & Accents Just because we don’t put our televisions in them anymore, does not mean that this GREAT piece of furniture...