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  1. Infused Water Three Ways on eightWest WOOD TV-8

    Infused water three ways on eightWest WOOD TV-8 Red, White and Blueberry Water Terri, Rachael and I throw some creative ideas into the water about BEATING dehydration this summer. The...
  2. mTip: Plant Clippings to Floral Arrangements in Minutes

    mTip:Plant Clippings to Floral Arrangements in MinutesA manicured garden needs consistent attention.A snip here, a snip there just to keep everything in its place.However, don’t toss ALL of those clippings in the...
  3. Fruit Bowl Front and Center

    Fruit Bowl Front and Center Learn how to tempt your family into choosing fruit as a snack by clicking play on the video player below. Place a decorative fruit bowl...


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