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  1. mStyle: Scarf Bracelet

    Scarf BraceletBecause my wardrobe is stocked with SOLID colorsin varying shades of  NEUTRAL and DENIM,I use SCARVES to add a dash of vibrant COLOR and PATTERN to my outfits, usually wearing...
  2. mTip: Space Saving Utensil Rail

    mTip: Space Saving Utensil Rail Make your kitchen more efficient and user friendly by installing a utensil rail. Keeping your frequently used culinary tools at your fingertips, saves precious storage...
  3. mTip: The Open Pantry

    The Open Pantry Keeping your dry-goods, dried herbs & spices out where everyone in the home can see them is a daily reminder of what REAL whole foods are, and a...
  4. Make Your Own Reusable Shopping List!

    Get organized when heading out to the grocery store!  Make your trips to the grocery store more efficient and eco-friendly with a re-useable laminated shopping list and a wet-erase marker! I’ve got...
  5. mTip: For No-Mess Votives, Just Add Water

    Kiss messy votive candles good-bye with one simple trick,just add water! The idea of having a room filled with twinklylittle candles is sexy,but if you are the one that has...