Cold & Flu Busting Smoothie on Daybreak WOOD TV8

Cold & Flu Busting Smoothie on Daybreak

Your immune system can fend off undesirable strains of bacteria and even shield you from catching the virus du jour, if you keep your body STRONG and HEALTHY with certain foods. During this cold and flu season, start your day with my Gimme Green Pure Energy Super Smoothie and add in the cold and flu busters. This, along with a healthy diet the rest of the day, will support your body’s natural ability to ward off sickness.

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Gimme Green Pure Energy Super Smoothie
w/Cold & Flu Busting Ingredients
Makes 2 cups
1 C Apple Juice
1 Banana, frozen
1 T Coconut Oil-Anti viral properties
1 C Dark Leafy Greens
1 T Flax Meal
2 T Coconut Flakes-Anti viral properties
1/8 C Sprouts
Cold & Flu Busters
1 T Cinnamon- Antimicrobial and contributes to a healthy colon. Healthy Colon=Happy Body
1/2 t Nutmeg- Powerful medicinal compounds that treat a variety of disorders, including infections.
1/2 t Clove- Antibiotic properties and aids digestion.
Ginger Root, to taste- Kills microbes like undesirable strains of bacteria.
Blend all of the ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy,
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*Source for the above health benefit information from
Mother Nature’s Apothecary:
Fall and winter spices like nutmeg
showed up the books of medicine long before
they showed up in cookery.